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VP of Integration and Transformation Speaks to How Traffic Control Supports Successful Events

In the News, January 2, 2024

AWP Safety VP of integration and transformation, Seth Walpole, was recently featured in Smart Meetings’ December Issue, explaining how traffic control can help support successful special events. Smart Meetings is a leading industry publication for event professionals, providing cutting-edge content and inspiration.

In the article, Seth addresses the organization and planning that special events require, as well as how traffic control plays a critical role as those plans take shape. He educates readers on the benefits of traffic control planning and the positive impact a well crafted traffic control plan has on the event experience.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead saves your organization time and money. Traffic management specialists assess accessibility of the venue –  evaluating nearby roadways, public transportation options, and identifying potential hazards. This assessment helps the specialist create an efficient and effective traffic flow recommendation. You will also want to allow time for your municipality to review the plan so that any requested modifications can be addressed well ahead of the event.


Hire Trained Professionals

Traffic Control professionals not only make event planning easier in general, but they also are well versed in addressing the complexities of the laws governing public and private roads. Traffic control specialists receive ongoing training and education to remain compliant. These teams are American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) flagger certified and also complete first-aid and HAZMAT training, ensuring they are prepared for any situation. Plus, professionals who come fully equipped wearing proper safety gear and utilizing approved traffic control devices add an indispensable layer of organization and security to large events.


Use Proper Equipment

Safe and compliant equipment is crucial to a successful event, and traffic control specialists can help. If you do plan to rent the necessary equipment, be sure to order far in advance (at least 8-10 weeks) to avoid supply shortages or cost hurdles.


Find Parking Solutions

Finding adequate parking space for a large number of attendees is often not an easy task. Traffic control managers work closely with event organizers to design efficient parking layouts and ensure smooth entrance and existing, often incorporating shuttle services, valet parking, or parking reservations to simplify the process and enhance the overall guest experience.


Leverage your partner

From initial planning through event day, you need a partner that you can rely on. Communication is critical. On the day of the event, your traffic control specialist should join you in the command center to help monitor the day’s activities and provide real-time solutions to last-minute problems. Embracing technology can also significantly enhance traffic management. Professionals may employ advanced tools such as traffic simulation software, GPS tracking, and real-time data analytics to monitor traffic patterns and adjust plans accordingly during the event. You and your partner should also meet after the event to identify areas of improvement for the next big occasion.


    No two events are the same and traffic management specialists understand that. They are experts at creating tailored solutions that align with your event’s size, nature and audience. Embracing the expertise of traffic management specialists guarantees the success of large-scale events and helps you and your team build a reputation for excellence in event planning.

    Learn more about AWP Event Services, or read the full Smart Meetings article to get more information.


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