Smart Work Zones

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We offer the latest traffic technology solutions, including AFADs, traffic monitoring systems, and other hybrid traffic control systems.


About Our Smart Work Zones

AWP Safety is continuously seeking technology enhancements to better serve our customers and stay at the forefront of the traffic control industry. We use the latest technology to create smart work zones that improve public safety and mobility.

AWP Safety offers affordable, technologically advanced traffic management solutions that enhance safety, improve work efficiency, and result in measurable cost savings for our customers over the long term. We only partner with companies that are the leaders in their specific traffic management technology, so you can be sure you’re getting best-in-class service.

From GPS Monitoring and Tablet technology used by our teams, to the equipment we offer our customers, AWP Safety is raising the bar of industry standards.

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 Smart Work Zone technology


Smart Work Zone Products

  • Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs)
  • Icone Traffic Monitoring
  • Wanco Robust Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • QLynx Quick ITS System